What is bridge publishing?

Bridge publishing is a co-branding opportunity for indie writers who wish to get published by a legitimate house while retaining full artistic control.

Co-publishing as a bridge service

These days, anybody can publish or rather self-publish anything. The library, bookstore and e-publishing industries, however, still assign a stigma to books that are self-published. As an aspiring indie writer, you can avoid that stigma by bridge publishing with the approval of an authentic publisher, Guardian of Forever. A step above and beyond “print on demand,” Guardian of Forever Publishing is for indie authors who want the backing of a publishing house imprint while retaining full artistic control.

Free ISBN assigned to your book

We generate and assign unique ISBN numbers for your book. Our publisher’s prefix indicates Guardian of Forever Publishing. Your one-time $300 fee includes the generation and assignment of up to five ISBN for the same title and five for the corresponding e-book. GoF does not sell batch ISBN for future use in hypothetical book projects.

We obtain the free Cataloguing-in-Publication for you

For books with an expected print run of 100 copies or more, we may request CIP on your behalf. This makes it easier for libraries to catalogue your book. You must first send us the completed title page as it will appear in your printed book.

We make the Legal Deposit for you

One copy of your book will be deposited at Library and Archives Canada, for posterity.

Free Barcodes

Our ISBN numbers are suitable for inclusion in free barcoding; thus there may be no extra fee for barcoding with select platforms. Your graphic artist, however, must leave a blank space on the cover design to accommodate the barcodes.

Choose any platform

You can choose any platform to host your Guardian of Forever publication. The platform must accommodate our editorial standards. If you choose CreateSpace as your platform, for example, it comes with a free listing in Amazon, which is nothing to sneeze at.

Free listing on our web site

While you, the author, do all your sales and distribution, we take pride in promoting your Guardian of Forever published work on our website and can link to your own website or promotional service. If you have free flyers or other other promotional materials, send them along and we will be glad to show them when we attend book fairs or other industry events.

Free E-book (with paperback book)

Your $300 fee covers both print and E-book with as many carriers or platforms as you want, up to a limit of ten (10) carriers or platforms per title. You co-publish your own print and E-book.