You are a writer who, published or not, may self-identify as indie or non-traditional. You have written a manuscript and now wish to co-publish your book. While you do not accept the traditional publishing industry’s hard-to-crack elitist refusal rates of 90% and up, neither do you want the stigma of “self-published” attached to your fine work.

How the “Bridge process” works

You submit a query letter or book proposal with sample chapter to us by email to publisher@guardianforeverpub.ca.

  • If we are interested in your book project, we will invite you to contact our editorial staff to arrange for the editing, layout and book cover design of your book.
  • You, the author, will pay Guardian of Forever Publishing a one-time fee of $300.
  • We grant you, the author, the use of our imprint and logo on your title pages, promotional materials, copyright page and decorative trim in order to co-publish your book.
  • Upon completion of your final galley proof, send us your files and we agree to co-publish your book.
  • Your part is then to co-publish your book in your selected platform(s).
  • Your book will remain “In Print” so long as you wish and so long as the final files we retain are unchanged.
  • We will send you a written contract by email and you will have an opportunity to consent to the contract by return email.
  • You, the author, retain all rights to your copyright and royalties.

Submission criteria & procedures

Query letter or book proposal first. You may include a sample chapter, but please hold off sending the entire manuscript at first. Be aware we do not provide manuscript evaluation services.

Editor’s service available

Our preferred editor has over 16 years experience in the industry and has extensive experience editing many books in all genres, including literary fiction, genre fiction (including crime, horror, science fiction), as well as non-fiction titles in all categories. You make all financial arrangements for their services separately. Our editor has right of first refusal to edit your book project.

Cover and interior layout designer

You will need a layout designer for your text and a graphic designer for your book design. We can refer you to either or both services that may be suitable for your book. You make all financial arrangements for their services separately.

High quality writing

Unlike some of our competitors, we do not publish just anything. We encourage writers to aim for high quality manuscripts and revisions. No hate literature, pornography or defamatory manuscripts will be accepted. Consult our list of topics here.

Low refusal rate

In order to maintain quality, we review your manuscript to ensure it is suitable for publication. Provided it is of good quality writing, we may express interest in your manuscript. We retain the option to decline co-publishing your manuscript.

Fees payable

There is a one-time fee of $300 for our co-publishing services. A second or subsequent edition of your book is $200.

Copyright and Royalties to authors

Guardian of Forever does not take royalties from authors. Aside from arrangements you may have to make with other services, you keep all your royalties. You retain all rights to your copyright. A typical GoF copyright page resembles the image below (click to enlarge).


Resources for writers

As a modern writer, we at GoF encourage you in your writing and also to mix and match your services. To that end, we make available a growing list of resources for writers, resources for self-publishing, resources for marketing and promoting your book, all are offered as external links.

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