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Bean_ cover Bean, Gordon Anthony. Dawn of Broken Glass. Ottawa: Guardian of Forever, 2013.

Blurb: Michael Carson witnesses the brutal and senseless slaughter of his family during Kristallnacht in the early days of World War 2. The loss of his family has left him with deep emotional scars, with feelings of anger and hatred becoming all-consuming to the young man. Years later, he seeks his revenge. Along with the mysterious Jason Froemmer, Carson begins a mission to eradicate the bloodlines of each soldier who partook in his family’s slaughter so many years earlier. Carson enlists his grandson Ryan to help in creating their own Final Solution, in the form of a deadly maze filled with traps and terrors located deep below Carson’s isolated Maine mansion. There, the last living descendants of the soldiers are left to fight the terrors of the maze or die trying. The captured men and women have far more than traps to contend with. Lurking in the maze is a Golem, a nearly indestructible supernatural creature driven by a blind rage and will only be able to rest once all the prisoners are dead. Ryan soon comes to the grim realization that he has been manipulated by Froemmer to further his own dark agenda. He realizes that in order to try and set things right, he must enter the maze and save the prisoners before Froemmer or the Golem can get to them first.

Bean’s first novel has nine favourable reviews on and counting!

cover Rex Voluntas Voluntas, Rex. Lies My Guru Told Me. Ottawa: Guardian of Forever, 2013.

Blurb: Silo’s Humanist Movement, an underground political group with a pernicious philosophy, originated in South America and is active in Canada. Enrico, the guru of a Montreal chapter, launches an extended campaign of brainwashing against Adam, a young man under his influence, coercing Adam into joining this strange system of distorted unreality. The manipulative Enrico plots to set up an unwanted relationship between Adam and a senior woman in the Movement at war with her own womanhood – and Adam is the only one unaware of this deceitful betrayal. What follows is a nightmarish descent into madness: Adam becomes entangled in a diabolical love triangle, subjected to degrading mind control, delusive tactics and sexual assault. Adam gradually begins to understand the true nature of the hell he’s trapped in and starts to find a way out before his sanity is lost. Based on a true story, Lies My Guru Told Me is a complex psychological study, a cautionary tale of the danger cults pose to our society, and an unsettling reminder of the relative ease with which they can enter our lives and take over our bodies and souls.

Favourable review 1 – A harrowing story of cult life, July 8, 2013
Favourable review 2 – A bleak look at cult life in Montreal, February 4, 2014
Favourable review 3 – Lies My Guru Told Me is a must read!, February 7 2014

Favourable review 4 - Fascinating read from a legal perspective, June 6 2015

Forthcoming books

Aaron, Frederick et. al. EX-SILO.ORG. (The website they tried to ban in Quebec.) Ottawa: Guardian of Forever, forthcoming.

Gilchrist, Jane. Collected Plays. Ottawa: Guardian of Forever, forthcoming.

Israel, Lou et. al. Epistle To The Trekkies. Ottawa: Guardian of Forever, forthcoming.

Miler, Jason.  Remedial Potty-Training for Engineers. Ottawa: Guardian of Forever, forthcoming.

Saint-Denis, Jarry. «Astérix Chez les Lavallois» Ottawa: Guardian of Forever, forthcoming.

St-Amour, Annie. Remedial Broccoli-Steaming for Librarians. Ottawa: Guardian of Forever, forthcoming.

Schnapp, Joddy. Canadian Fit Mom! Ottawa: Guardian of Forever, forthcoming.

Voluntas, Rex. Lies My Guru Told Me. First Canadian edition. Ottawa: Guardian of Forever, forthcoming.